In Melone & Melone, Wealth Advisors, we understand that each wealth structure is unique and has specific requirements, so each plan is designed in conjunction with the client and in strict accordance with their wishes and purposes.

Our basic services are:

I. Tax and financial succession planning. A planned succession should not only be efficient from a legal point of view but should also have mechanisms in place that make the burden on the heirs much lighter, for which we address the following areas:

a.- Wills, assignments of inheritance quotas, pensions or fixed income, executors.

b.- Declaration of Successions: inventory of the inheritance, determination of the liabilities, subjects with capacity to succeed, preparation of reports required by law in the case of companies, preparation of the declaration before the corresponding authorities.

c.- Financial Planning of the Succession: Life insurance for the payment of credits in force at the date of the succession or the payment of taxes.

II. Heritage conservation. In this area, we have successfully taken care of generational planning, both in cases of early open successions where the successors are minors, and in the provisions for the care and maintenance of older people who are not entitled to the succession in the first place.

III. Business and asset management. The vast experience of our parent company "Melone & Melone, Abogados" in the areas of restructuring of salvage companies and mergers, together with our technical team in financial matters, allows us to take charge of the total or partial administration of estates and corporations for the time and manner required by our clients.

IV. Audit and accounting. We have highly qualified internal staff and external associates both to systematize and keep up to date the accounting processes of individuals and companies, their tax returns and compliance with other formal duties, as well as to inspect the accounting of a company or entity, to see if their accounts really reflect: their assets, corporate financial situation and results obtained in the year in question.

V. Designs of trust structures. In Melone & Melone, Asesores Patrimoniales, we design the trust structures according to the size and needs of our clients, which we execute in conjunction with national and international companies authorized to act as trustees.